From today I have decided to write my diary in English instead of Japanese, because my speaking ability had never improved after 2 weeks after coming to Portland.

Yesterday and today, I am completely free.  Yesterday, after I completed my diary in Japanese, decided to go shopping to buy a cardigan, because it would be cold here, and when we went the hospital ward, we had to wear dress shirt and necktie under white coat in OHSU.  I checked out whether there are supermarkets that sell apparels near my apartment. But there was nothing in neighbor, and the huge supermarkets are in the suburbs in general, and in down town everything is expensive as department stores.  But as I checked out the guidebook about Portland in Japanese, I found out “Nordstrom rack” that sold unsold goods and dead stocks at the famous department store called “Nordstrom”.  But the cost of the cardigan was almost 100 dollars, the regular price was 200 dollars.  After all I gave up buy cardigan, and buy a down jacket with 60 dollars, the regular price was 150 dollars.  Bus toward my apartment came every 30 min. While I was waiting the bus, I had been often asked by beggars.  I have been always ignore them.

Today, after lunch I went to some huge super markets with John’s family, John, Mayumi and Noah aged around three years old boy.  First I went a huge super market called “Target”, then went to Fred Meyer that was much bigger than neighbor one and sold apparels.  Though I could not find cardigans but I bought a pants, a T shirt, and a light.  Then we went “Uwajimaya” that sells Asian foods, and I bought Yakisoba, Curry, Age, instant Mabodofu, and so on. It was fun to play with Noah.  “Any time I can baby sitter” I said to John’s family, and came home.  There are enough Japanese foods, I will not worry about cuisines any more.


平田 純生
Hirata Sumio

趣味は嫁との旅行(都市よりも自然)、映画(泣けるドラマ)、マラソン 、サウナ、ギター