I will go to San Francisco to attend ACCP (American College of Clinical Pharmacy) meeting.

But I should meet Myrna at Gains Hall at 9:20 AM, OSU at OHSU campus to go with Legacy Emanuel Hospital before I leave. The reason is to meet Dr.Karl Heisei, the specialist of anticoaguration clinic.

Before I left my apartment, I had already checked the time when I should get on the bus by website of trimet, municipal bus and train service. Although I reached the bus stop, the bus did not come, and there was no time table there. I was worried about breaking promise with Myrna, While I moved to another bus stop, I called Myrna “I can not meet you on time, how should I do.” Myrna said “Don’t worry, call me at 9:15 and I’ll catch you.” Finally I could get the bus of another line and reach downtown of Portland.  After I called Myrna again, and 15 minute after she picked me up. What a relief!.

Meeting with Dr.Heisei and his colleague and also Myrna’s old friend, Pamela J White was successful, and they were very friendly. I promised to see Dr. Heisei at 1:00 PM on October 31th , the I will go anticoaguration clinic of Legacy Emanuel Hospital on afternoon of Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and full time on Friday. I should be careful that from 31th of October, the summer time would be end, it meant I could sleep one hour more.

After I got off the Myrna’s car, I went to Portland Airport by MAX, the municipal train, to attend ACCP meeting in San Francisco.


平田 純生
Hirata Sumio

趣味は嫁との旅行(都市よりも自然)、映画(泣けるドラマ)、マラソン 、サウナ、ギター