Basic training for new clinical faculty and preceptors was held today, on the day before start of ACCP. Although I have a little confidence about listening comprehension about English, It was all Greek to me. I have lost confidence at all. But I could understand the last satellite symposium named “Comprehensive Diabetes management” almost 100%.

At a break, I met Mr. Paul Wong, the director of Kameda general hospital.  And he told me that Japanese education system in pharmacy college is delayed more than Thai. I remembered Myrna told me to complete the reorganization of education system would take about ten years. Today’s lunch and dinner was “Nikoniko-susgi” in front of Hilton hotel. The set of noodles and a bowl was less than 9 dollars. Much cheaper than Portland, and good taste.


平田 純生
Hirata Sumio

趣味は嫁との旅行(都市よりも自然)、映画(泣けるドラマ)、マラソン 、サウナ、ギター